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Bursa Seed has exercised reasonable care and skill in compiling this web site all resistances quoted refer only to races or phenotypes indicated at the varieties, other races or pathotypes may exsit or develop.All data in this site intented for general guidance only and user sold apply it in accordance with his own knowledge and experience of local condition.The advice and suggestions are for information only and can not to be used as guarantee of cropping.In case of doubt we recommed that a small trial production will be carried out to determine how local condition may affect the variety.Bursa Seed cannot accept any liability in connection with this web site.The material on this side are general in nature, consultation received througth the side must not be relied upon fort he purposes of making any desicion including in business,professional,computer, legal,personal of monatery issues.

It is important to take into account that the behavior of every variety can be altered by important factors such as soil, water, temparature, humidity,ligth,plantation date,culture practise etc that can influence the final result of culture, there fore we recommend to carry out prior tests.The follow up development and handling of the cultived aerea are not a responsability of Bursa Seed.